Our Produce

Being a small, family owned and operated farm we are able to produce some of the highest quality trout & salmon on the market. 

 Grown in the pristine waters from the Lake Mountain snowfields, our fish are naturally grown, given plenty of room to move and humanely farmed. 

The gravity fed water supply originates from the snowfields of Lake Mountain before cascading down Stevensons Falls and through its streams providing the perfect place to grow a clean natural food.
No antibiotic chemicals or growth hormones are used on our farm. 

Rainbow Trout

Rainbow Trout are not only a highly sustainable but also environmentally friendly source of natural, healthy food. High in Omega 3 oils trout have great heart health benefits which includes reducing the risk of death by heart attack, stroke or heart disease.

Rainbow trout are native to the Western Coast of North America and were introduced to Australia in 1894. Rainbow trout require cold, clean water in order to survive, if water temperatures start to exceed 25 degrees the fish start to die, which is why our region’s cool, clean rivers and streams provide the perfect place to grow trout. 

Atlantic Salmon

Being a family owned and run farm we can produce some of the highest quality salmon on the market. Salmon are great fresh for sashimi or baked whole in the oven. Salmon are a superfood – containing large amounts of omega-3 fatty acids and are low in saturated fat and calories yet high in protein.

Mountain Ash Smoked Trout

Our smoked trout are cooked over a mountain ash fire in a traditional method and are considered by many chefs to be the best in Australia, even appearing on MasterChef. We used to have a Dutchmen that lived over the road who was a third generation eel smoker. He was probably the first person to commercially smoke trout in Australia back in the late 1970’s. He taught us how to build and use a woodfire smoker for the trout and salmon. It still works very well and we can do 200kg or 600 fish in around 5 hours. We use Mountain Ash as this wood burns very quickly and doesn’t leave any coals so it is great for smoking fish. 

Smoked Trout Pate

Mama Trout’s home made smoked trout is made from our delicious Mountain Ash Smoked trout flesh, blended with cream cheese, lemon juice and water. The reason it is so delicious is because it is over 60% smoked trout flesh. Our Smoked trout are considered by many to be the best in Australia, and are cooked the traditional way, over a fire of Mountain Ash. 

Different flavors include Chives OR Chili & Lime.Delicious on crackers, toast or in sandwiches. Try it on fresh bread with red onion and crisp cos lettuce.

Hand Milked Caviar

Our Caviar is hand milked when the fish are ripe around mid May. Being hand milked from live fish we can produce some of the highest quality caviar on the market. By gently hand milking the fish only when they are fully ripe and the egg completely formed means the caviar will pop on the roof of your mouth with an explosion of flavour. The eggs are cleaned and nicely separated, then lightly salted using time honoured methods to give a distinctive taste. We are one of the only farms in Australia which uses this method.

Live Trout Fingerlings

We sell live Rainbow Trout & Brown Trout for dam stocking, sizes & prices vary depending on the time of year. Contact us for current sizes.

Trout are great to put in your dam as they not only provide a healthy food source, but also great entertainment & pest control whilst improving water quality.